who is e n r i c o christion ?


In 1987, the artist  relocated to California with a mission to reinvent his work as well as himself.  There he began creating works based on abstracted rudiments of portraiture, landscape and still life penned as Enrico Christion.


His series of paintings titled “The Flatlanders”, followed the work created in Dallas, between 1988 and 1992 Christion developed a context of images utilizing the familiar composition of a square within a larger square of contrasting color. The inner squares are depicted with several characteristics that have the appearance of radiating, earthy elements to subject matter of calculated and mechanical forms.  All of the inner squares are suggestive of being suspended within geometry of space and time.


Multiple color combinations painted in brightly colored acrylics on large scale un-primed canvases began to evolve after the Flatlander theme.  These paintings created between 1993 and 1995; unofficially referred to as “Color Fields”, have a suede-like textured surface, which ironically softens the brilliant color compositions, adding a further dimension to these works.  Some paintings are strongly suggestive of landscapes while others are left vague in a style of abstract expressionism.

The paintings created from 1995 to 1997 are increasingly complex geometric designs suggestive of a return to a subjective theme.

"blue god"
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oil on canvas 36X36"

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acrylic on un-primed canvas 52X52

Gorden Series
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acrylic on un-primed canvas 60X52

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